Android split screen

Follow this guide to activate android n's split-screen multitasking mode. On handheld devices, two apps can run side-by-side or one-above-the-other in split-screen. Sep 12,  · "split-screen creator makes a shortcut to instantly launch two apps in multi-window mode" - android police "split-screen creator brings the galaxy note 8.

Within android n, when using any app, or even on the home screen, tap the app-switcher icon (that’s the square one on the bottom right of the screen in most phones). At the moment it allows me to split the screen using the 19 or so apps that seem to be preset.

The next version of android may offer a split-screen mode for tablets.

May 16,  · is it possible to split the screen using apps of your choice? One of the hidden features that don't appear in the settings menu. Android adds support for displaying more than one app at the same time.

The apps you add to this list will appear in the sidebar so you can open them in split-screen.

How to get multi-window multitasking on any android phone or tablet. Dec 24,  · android tablets are so much more than just big phones - without the phone. It’s a feature that’s long long been enjoyed by those who use high-end samsung galaxy smartphones.

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